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  • At Industry Salon Seattle, we're dedicated to perfecting the art of hair extensions.
  • With a team boasting numerous certifications and specializations, we're equipped to cater to all hair types and preferences. From tape-ins to keratin bonds, we're committed to helping you achieve the luscious locks you've always wanted. Your dream of healthy, stunning hair is our ultimate goal.

Extension Consultation:

  • Required for all new extension clients to determine the best method for their desired result and hair type.
  • Color matching and determination of required hair packs and length.
  • Payment for hair must be made in full before Installation can be scheduled.

Methods Offered:

  • Keratin Bonded Extensions (K-Tips)
  • Individual Beaded Extensions (I-Tips)
  • Tape Ins
  • Hand Tied Wefts

Installation Pricing:

In addition to the cost of hair, paid after consultation.

  • K-Tips, I-Tips, Tape Ins: $100 per pack
  • Hand Tied Wefts: Hourly (starting at 3 hours)

Maintenance Pricing:

Maintenance for I-Tips, Tape Ins, Hand Tied Wefts: priced hourly, starting at 3 hours.

Maintenance Schedules:

  • K-Tips: 12-18 weeks. Hair cannot be re-used; new hair must be purchased each time.
  • I-Tips: Every 6-8 weeks. Hair can be reused up to 3 times before new hair purchase.
  • Tape Ins: Every 4-6 weeks. Hair can be reused up to 3 times before new hair purchase.
  • Hand Tied Wefts: Hair may be reused until new hair is desired.

Note: Prices and schedules are subject to change based on client's specific hair needs and extensions condition. Please consult with our stylists for accurate pricing and maintenance requirements.