Complex Services FAQ

  • Do you perform color correction services? Yes, we offer color correction services for any instances where previous professional and/or at-home color applications need correcting. At the consultation your artist will discuss budget, realistic expectations and aftercare. Here is what to expect during a color consultation for a color correction:

  • -Hair History: We will discuss your hair history including all color and chemical processes done in the past 2-5 years.

  • -Visual Aids: Bring Before and after pictures of your current hair color along with inspiration photos of your desired result.

  • -Strand Test: A strand test may be conducted to assess the strength and elasticity of your hair, ensuring it's safe to proceed.

  • -At Home Regime: We may recommend a specific at-home professional product to prep your hair before the appointment

  • -Service Deposit: A $150 deposit is required upon scheduling, which will be deducted from the total cost at checkout

  • -Pricing: Color correction appointments are priced hourly based on the stylist's level and include all the necessary treatments and haircuts.

  • -Appointment Duration: Typically, appointments start at 6 hours unless determined otherwise by your stylist.

  • -Budget Consideration: We will keep you informed about costs during the service to ensure we stay within your budget.

  • -Guarantee: Please note that color correction results cannot be guaranteed due to complexities of the service, and adjustments are not complimentary.

  • -Comfort: Be prepared for a lengthy salon visit by bringing snacks and entertainment devices to stay comfortable throughout the process.

  • What can I expect when scheduling for a mermaid/vivid/unicorn color? These services are priced hourly based on the stylist's level and typically start at 4 hours. These services are considered "double process appointments" involving both lightening/bleaching & coloring services performed consecutively. Viviid colors are high maintenance and typically fade within 4-6 weeks. Frequent washing accelerates fading, so we recommend using cool water and sulfate free shampoo. Product recommendations are available for purchase right at the salon. To prolong the vibrancy of your vivid color at home, we offer custom color-depositing masks for purchase.

Do you perform transformational blonding services? These services are prices hourly based on the stylist's level and typically start at 5 hours. Transformational blonding appointments are ideal for clients seeking a significant change to their hair color, particularly those transitioning to a lighter shade. This includes clients with more than one inch of regrowth and a natural base color of brunette, dark brown or black hair. Our stylists may use a combination of techniques to achieve your desired result during these appointments.

  • Do you offer last minute appointments for hair emergencies? Yes! If you are experiencing a hair emergency, please book one of our rescue 911 services. This service will include a treatment to address and concerns of breakage, hydration, porosity & weakness in the hair fiber. Your stylist will also recommend a robust regime to rehab your hair over time along with with any future service recommendations.

Do you offer adjustments post service? Please see policies.